Tsukasabotan King of Peony

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Tsukasabotan King of Peony
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Daiginjo
Prefecture Kouchi
Region Kinki, Hyogo
Rice Yamada Nishiki
Rice Polishing 57%
Alcohol 14.00%
Yeast Kyokai
SMV +5
Amino Acid 1.2
Acidity 1.6
Price Expensive
Market size 720ml

Meaning: King of Peony

Not cheap, but it is worth to try. Some floral, orange, peach hint creates this sake become one of the favorite sake. Asano, the master brewer of this sake did well done job.


Nose of strong floral, white blossoms aroma. Mandarin orange, peach, tree leaves hint. Touch of lemon and citrus. Some pineapple and tropical fruit hint may appeared in layer. Fruity with little dry. Great balance with floral aroma.

The best temperature

Cold. Not freezing. Chilled also good.

Food pairing

Tuna sushi-sashimi, mackerel sushi-sashimi, grilled fish:mackerel, salty dish. Burger, Rich cheese, Fruit salad. Something with little heavy taste.

About the brewer

Tsukasabotan Shuzou

Perfect Glass

Pinot Noir or Burgundy sake glass is perfect. Cold sake glass is acceptable.