Best Sparkling Sake: Reviews + Recommendations

While doesn't (yet!) have the same world-famous reputation as champagne, there's hardly a better way to celebrate a special occasion than popping open a bottle of the best sparkling sake.

Setting some sparkling sake onto the table as an aperitif will both surprise and delight your dinner guests.

The alcohol content is generally lower than other types of sake and often features a fuller body than many other top sakes.

Not sure where to start looking? Charm your tastebuds with these top-rated sparkling sakes...

Top sparkling sake recommendations

Shirakabegura Mio

Shirakabegura Mio

As the best-selling sparkling sake in the world, there's no better place to introduce yourself to the art than with a glass of Shirakabegura Mio.

This sweet & effervescent sake opens up to a crisp acidity that flashes out charming flavors of grape and pear.

The low alcohol content of Shirakabegura Mio makes it a great choice to serve with meals, as an aperitif or with dessert.

Choya Sparkling Plum Wine

Choya Sparkling Plum Wine

Curiously brewed in Germany, Choya Sparkling Plum Wine fuses the joy of sparkling sake with German wine-making tradition.

This yummy flavored sake blends German grape wine with a Japanese-style sparkling plum wine for a taste & mouthfeel that's unique among the best sparkling sakes.

The result is a drink that's as versatile as it is refreshing.

Choya Sparkling Plum Wine works well as an aperitif and served with dinner whether formal or informal.

Fukucho Seaside

Fukucho Seaside

Brewed in Hiroshima Prefecture a stone's throw from the Seto Inland Sea, Fukucho Seaside reflects its surrounding geography in every single sip.

The area around the brewery is famous for its lemon and lime groves. The master brewer Miho-san's use of white koji bestows a rare citrusy acidity & taste profile for this top sparkling sake.

Although it may look like a nigori sake, Fukucho Seaside gets its cloudiness from the yeast and sugar used in its secondary fermentation process rather than being unfiltered.

Thanks to its above-average acidity, Fukucho Seaside pairs great with meat and seafood main courses.

Nanbu Bijin AWA Sparkling

Nanbu Bijin AWA

Also qualifying as a junmai ginjo sake, Nanbu Bijin AWA Sparkling is in a league of its own among sparkling sakes.

This award-winning drink offers sippers a classically bright ginjo aroma. It's balanced out by a distinct umami rice flavor painted with hints of pear and apple.

As there's no sugar added after filtering like with champagne, the dry & jaunty Nanbu Bijin AWA Sparkling pairs superbly with sushi, sashimi, and other appetizers.

Hakkaisan Awa Clear Sparkling

Hakkaisan Awa Clear

If there's any sparkling sake that could give champagne a run for its money, it's Hakkaisan Awa Clear Sparkling.

This light & bubbly junmai daiginjo sake charms with a fruity aroma that's met with a finish dipped in hints of melon, grapefruit, and pear.

With its delightfully crisp finish, Hakkaisan Awa Clear Sparkling is a fantastic choice to use as a toast on special occasions. It's also an excellent a drink to serve alongside seafood dishes and umami mains.