About Sake Hub

The seeds of Sake Hub were planted with a visit to a hole-in-the-wall izakaya hidden on the streets of Ginza. And while I've since forgotten the name and location of that small Japanese pub, I'll always remember that first "real" sake experience.

Until that point, my exposure to Japan's national drink comprised of cheap hot sake alongside all-you-can-eat sushi dinners and sake bombs. Not exactly a fitting introduction to a beverage with 2,500 years of history behind it!

Since that first trip to Tokyo and first sip of high-quality sake, my fascination with Japan and its favorite alcoholic beverage has only grown. Sake Hub is an expression of that fascination.

At Sake Hub, I'm aiming to curate an extensive resource of all things sake. I've assembled a collection of informative articles and best-of sake round-ups & reviews to help you celebrate the joy of this fascinating brew yourself.

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