Best Organic Sake: Reviews + Recommendations

If purity is top of mind when it comes to choosing your brew, you'll love indulging in some of the absolute best organic sake during your sipping adventures.

Organic sake is still a relatively niche market in the sake world. Nonetheless, every year more and more breweries are hopping on the bandwagon. Popular Japanese brands like Hakutsuru and Tentaka have tried their hand in producing organic sakes, along with the SakeOne in the United States.

Not sure where to start your search? Here are a few of the top-rated organic sake brands...

Top organic sake recommendations

Momokawa Organic Junmai Ginjo

Momokawa Organic

Leading the way in the organic sake movement, the American sake brewery SakeOne hit a home run with their signature Momokawa Organic Junmai Ginjo.

This USDA-Certified organic sake lightens the palate with a crisp blend of pineapple and lime flavors, dwelling within a medium-rich body that's at its most compelling when chilled.

Serve a bottle of Momokawa Organic Junmai Ginjo with homemade sushi and sashimi to watch your guests truly light up.

Kikusui Organic

Kikusui Organic

One of the top organic junmai ginjo sakes, Kikusui Organic is a fresh-tasting brew tinged with hints of melon and banana.

Thanks to a slightly above average acidity, this USDA organic-certified sake features crisp flavors paired with a medium body. Not too light. Not too heavy.

Like many junmai ginjos of its profile, Kikusui Organic serves well with seafood dishes and with appetizers like cheese.

Hakutsuru Organic Junmai

Hakutsuru Organic

Qualifying as a junmai sake, Hakutsuru Organic Junmai is easy-to-drink with a well-balanced blend of light body and dryness.

This USDA-certified organic sake is at its best warmed up where you'll sense a delicate aroma of caramel floating into the nose.

The taste profile is also unique for a junmai, delivering more grain-like flavors rather than the usual fruit-forward ones.

Hakutsuru Organic Junmai is a fantastic choice to serve with sushi & sashimi and to bring out the umami in other popular Japanese dishes like teriyaki.

Momokawa Organic Ginjo Nigori

Momokawa Organic Ginjo Nigori

As the only nigori sake among our recommendations, Momokawa Organic Ginjo Nigori had some big shoes to fill.

We're happy to say: It doesn't disappoint.

Like many of the brews from this American sake brewer, this award-winning organic sake combines their signature fruity flavors with the silky texture of a nigori.

There's more than a dash of tropical fruit here. Pineapple, coconut, and banana all take their turns in both the nose and the taste profile.

Thanks to its above average sweetness and richness, Momokawa Organic Ginjo Nigori pairs superbly with just about anything including as an aperitif with fruit.

Chikurin Organic Karoyaka

Chikurin Organic Karoyaka

The most "premium" of all our recommendations, Chikurin Organic Karoyaka is brewed upon a legacy over 150 years of brewing experience at the Marumoto Brewery at the foothills of the Chikurin-ji Mountains in Okayama Prefecture.

Their brew begins with their own organic Yamadanishiki rice, grown using clean mountain runoff water upon their unspoiled alpine land.

The result is a USDA-certified sake sprinkled with classic rice aromas and a light sweetness with overtones of cherries and all-spice.

Chikurin Organic Karoyaka's light body and crisp dry finish is the perfect companion for shellfish like crab and lobster.

Tentaka Organic Junmai

Tentaka Organic Junmai

As the only sake available internationally with a triple organic certification (Japan, United States, European Union), Tentaka Organic Junmai is in a league of its own among these recommendations.

Brewed with locally-grown rice, this drink features slight hints of mint and honeydew with a mildly smoky rice-like finish.

Tentaka Organic Junmai works well as an after-dinner aperitif or served with seafood appetizers.