Sasaichi Tenkyu

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Sasaichi Tenkyu
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Daiginjo
Prefecture Chubu, Yamanashi
Region Yamanashi
Rice Miyamanishiki
Rice Polishing 48%
Alcohol 14.7%
Yeast Originally developed yeast
SMV +1
Amino Acid 1.35
Acidity 1.5
Market size 500 ml


Bright medium sake. Mildly fragrant - stay on between for flavors. Easy to drink for beginner.


Very mild fragrant and aroma. Bright. Medium dry. Some fruity flavors hit after. Simple with a little sweetness at the end.

The best temperature

Chilled. Not cold. Just grab the bottle, but on the ice bucket and hold there for 15 minutes.

Food pairing

Alone or any light fried things; tempura. Some edamame or other light flavor appetizer.

About the brewer

Sasaichi Shuzo

Perfect Glass

If you have wine glass, it is preferable. But regular sake glass is good enough.