Megu NYC

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Megu NYC
Information detail
Name Megu Downtown
Address 62 Thomas Street
New York, NY 10013
Telp 212-964-7777
Price Very Expensive

What you expect

Budha Ice, Huge Japanese bell. Nice decoration. Expect plenty number in your bill too.


Very wide, there are plenty authentic sake, unique sake. But you won't find cheaper sake. The menu is written well, detail, what you expect about sake. They have good collections of sake (good one). You won't find cheap sake here. Some restaurant did not sell good sake by the glass, but Megu does it. They serve it with proper and perfect glass too. The bartender has little knowledge of sake, but the Sake Sommelier is available almost everyday.


Fancy, fun, elegant, wow.



Join their facebook. They might have special offer. Just walk to their bar instead the dining room. Their food is overprice. But be aware very lough music in the bar.