Kubota Manju

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Kubota Manju
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Daiginjo
Prefecture Niigata
Region Chubu
Rice Gohyaku Mangoku
Rice Polishing 35%
Alcohol 15%-16%
SMV +2
Acidity 1.2
Price Very Expensive
Market size 720ml

Meaning: Millions of Celebrations

Born in rich excellent rice area, guess this sake has the best ingredients. It famous with the characteristics and this sake become one of must try sake. Must of sake connoisseurs agree this is excellent sake to try. Famous with the name Cristal of Sake. Previous name is Asahiyama.


Soft aroma, round, elegant with amazing silkiness. Cedar trees and fresh rainwater notes. Perfect balance between dry and fruitiness. Very smooth and sikly. Well balance and clean flavor of tuberose and orange blossom to mingle with hints of cedar and wet stone. Some spice or coconut hint may noticeable. The touch of richness at the end with clean quick finish.

The best temperature


Food pairing

Raw scallop. Creamy soup as clam chowder. Giant clam, raw clam. Scallop dishes with light sauce.

About the brewer

Asahi Shuzou. Founded 1830

Perfect Glass

Pinot Noir or Burgundy sake glass is perfect. Cold sake glass is acceptable.