Kokuryu Tokusen

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Kokuryu Tokusen
Information detail
Kind of sake Ginjo
Prefecture Fukui
Region Chubu
Rice Gohyaku Mangoku
Rice Polishing 50%
Alcohol 15.00%
Yeast Kokuryu
SMV +4
Acidity 1.3
Price Moderate
Market size 720ml

Ginjo sake, but the flavor is unpleasant surprising.


Smooth sleek, compact, silky, clean. Medium to dry, less complex, simple sake taste, but deep.

The best temperature

Chilled to room temperature. Too cold is not recommended. The best: room temperature, and put into the ice bucket right before you drink.

Food pairing

Miso eggplant. Chicken wing. Fish steak, grilled mushroom. Meatball sandwich. Pizza.

About the brewer

Kokuryu Brewery

Perfect Glass

Cold sake glass is acceptable.