Kikusui Perfect Snow

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Kikusui Perfect Snow
Information detail
Kind of sake Nigori (unfiltered)
Prefecture Niigata
Region Chubu
Rice Gohyaku Mangoku
Alcohol 21.00%
SMV -30
Price Moderate
Market size 300ml

May be available only in US. But this definitely a punch nigori sake with more than 20% of alcohol. It is Genshu Nigori. No diluting with water as generally sake process. This creates the alcohol higher.


Rich aroma of fruity. Some coconut hint smell. Crisp, dynamic flavor, but sweet, full bodied palate. It is not complex, but layered some pineapple hint maybe tasted. Strong fragrant. Short finish, but the tangy rice may stay little longer.

The best temperature

Cold. Not freezing. Or on the rock. Hot or warm are not recommended for this sake.

Food pairing

Something heavy sauce; BBQ ribs, yakitori. Spicy kimchi. Burger, Asian style steak (a plenty sauce). Chicken or salmon teriyaki. Spicy korean food.

About the brewer

Kikusui Brewery.

Perfect Glass

Clear sake glass or rock glass if you prefer to drink on the rock. Do not forget to shake before you pour it. Mazu sake glass may be good if you drink it straight.


Finish it. Never store or keep this sake.