Kariho Namahage

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Kariho Namahage
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai
Prefecture Akita
Rice Menkoina
Rice Polishing 60%
Alcohol 15.50%
Yeast Kyokai
SMV +15
Amino Acid 1.0
Acidity 1.7
Price Less Expensive
Market size 720ml

Meaning: Devil's Mask

Cheap, but not bad sake. Old sake with unique nose filled. Dry.


Unique nose of cedar and grains. Dry to very dry. Crisp. Little fruit tones with rich flavors. Full body. Unique fruity but dry. So some people puts this sake to medium body instead full because some hint of fruity, but it is very dry.

The best temperature

Hot, warm, room temperature, chilled and slightly chilled. Either hot and chilled are preferable. Room temperature is good, but not perfect.

Food pairing

Grilled mackerel, shrimp, shell fish. Something with heavy thick sauce. Spaghetti, pizza, turkey. BBQ.

About the brewer

Akita Seishu

Perfect Glass

Hot sake glass, masu box, cold sake glass are good enough.