Hakutsuru Draft

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Hakutsuru Draft
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Draft
Region Kinki, Hyogo
Rice Gohyukumangoku, Nihonbare
Rice Polishing 70%
Alcohol 14.00%
Yeast unknown
SMV +4
Acidity 1.6
Price Inexpensive
Market size 300ml

Cheap like bottle, one time drink. You can't close the bottle again. Proclaim to be no.1 draft sake in Japan. You may find in many Japanese grocery.


Light, smooth even it is draft sake. Touch of sweetness of yeast. Plenty rice taste. Some people will agree that this sake has banana, vanilla, oak hints. Less aroma expected and no long aftertaste.

The best temperature

Chilled. Not supercold, but it also enjoyable in room temperature.

Food pairing

Something with plenty sauce (not heavy taste) or mayonnaise. Shrimp mayo, light sauce chinese food,

About the brewer

Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Corp.

Perfect Glass

Clear sake glass or masu box.


This sake is might be available in the Japanese supermarket or grocery. In Japan, it is available also in vending machine and deli. Cheap, so don't expect too much. However, it is not that bad. Expect it like table wine.