Dassai 39

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Dassai 39
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Ginjo
Prefecture Yamaguchi
Rice Yamada Nishiki
Rice Polishing 39%
Alcohol 16%-17%
Yeast unknown
SMV +3.0
Amino Acid 0.9
Acidity 1.4
Price Expensive
Market size 300ml, 720ml

Meaning:Otter Festival 39

Other name:Dassai Migaki Sanwari Kyubu

Rice is perfectly milled to 39%, no more - no less. Similar with her sister, Dassai 23 and Dassai 50, this sake perfectly brewed in percentage in between them. But slightly different taste compare to both. This is the second finest in their row. Some wine grader gave this rate 95 point.


Superb flowery fragrance. Subtle nose and soft approach. Simple layered, honey sweetness on the first sip. Splash sweetness, medium dry. Mashed banana and whipped cream, nut, Asian pear, melon may taste in just a hint. Continued with subtly bitter edge. Dry-yet-fruity. Medium full body but fruity. Then, you may taste the rich flavor of sake, balance, polished depth. Finished with a very long, jicama, and cream soda with warming peppery spices.

The best temperature

As a producer recommended 75F-45F. Not super cold, but chilly is the perfect temperature.

Food pairing

White fish sashimi. Raw oyster. Light salad. Edamame.

About the brewer

Asahi-Shuzo. http://www.asahishuzo.ne.jp/en/

Perfect Glass

Either short sake glass or Pinot Noir glass is good enough to enjoy this sake. Pinot Noir glass is highly recommended to enjoy the fruity aroma too.