Born Yume wa Masayume

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Yume wa Masayume
Information detail
Kind of sake Daiginjo, Aged sake
Prefecture Fukui
Rice Yamada Nishiki
Rice Polishing 35%
Yeast unknown
Amino Acid unknown
Price Very Expensive
Market size 1 L

Meaning: Dreams come true

If you like about the balance, this is the right sake. If you have said that Junmai Daiginjo is the best sake, this fact will let you think twice. It aged in -17 F for 5 years. It is Japanese symbol for achievements. Perfect sake in any good occasion and one of the best sake that you should try before die....Winner for Japan's National Liqueur Competition of Autumn 2003. But this sake also won in many competitions that is not listed in this page yet. But you may have to shrink your other expenses to buy this sake. Hard to find this sake. Score 9 of 10.


Almost perfect balance, deep aroma, smooth and moist flavor but it sharp and strident aftertaste. Wonderful aroma, gentle, some fruity taste line up in the hint taste. Green apple, pineapple, kiwi, strawberry. Some people agree that some hints of Cherry and melon may appear later.

The best temperature

Room temperature is good, but cold is the best. Not freeze, chilly is amazing too.

Food pairing

Light flavor food. Edamame, some light sashimi. Carpaccio, light cheese. Salad, light soup. Light sushi is good too.

About the brewer

Katouckichibee Shouten. English name: Born

Perfect Glass

Bordeaux red wine glass or pinot noir glass is perfect to "exploit" the aroma.


  • Winner for Japan's National Liqueur Competition of Autumn 2003
  • Gold Medal winners in national sake, Kan Association 2006
  • In national sake, Kan Evaluation Association 2011, stunning this year was crowned gold medal.

Fun Fact

On September 21st, 2008, Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama gave President Obama this sake to celebrate his presidency.