Yojie Sake Bar

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Yojie Sake Bar
Information detail
Name Yojie
LA branch
Address 501 W. Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Tel. 213-988-8808
Artesia branch
Address 11710 E. South St
Artesia, CA 90701
Tel. 562-402-2288
Website http://www.yojie.com

What you expect

Fancy place. No sushi or chicken teriyaki or heavy food. Only food that you can share with your friend. Sake and sake cocktail.


Artesia branch has very limited selection, but Los Angeles branch has a little wide (around 12) kinds of sake. Most are available either in bottle or glass. They have reasonable price to try each individual sake start from around 4 bucks to 30 bucks, from old classic to modern.


Modern, fancy, great place to "chit-chat", eat light fondue and drink sake.


Their Sake connoisseur, Mendrick Leelin may available to help you. Mr. Leelin will help you to select seriously the sake and pair it with the shabu-shabu and sukiyaki dishes that Yojie sell.