Ura Gasanryu Koka

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Ura Gasanryu Koka
Information detail
Kind of sake Honjozo
Prefecture Yamagata
Region Tohoku
Rice Miyama Nishiki
Rice Polishing 65%
Alcohol 14% - 15%
Yeast Kura Yeast
SMV +2
Amino Acid 0.9
Acidity 1.0
Price Moderate
Market size 720ml

Hard to spell, but easy to drink - a joke from the sake drinker. Really good for Honjozo.


Very light perfume, almost none. Maybe water with hint tropical fruit - refreshing perfume when you serve it as cold. Very soft, fruity peach-mango hint flavor at the beginning. You won't notice it right away, but you will notice it after several drink. Very clean, light smooth. Some sweetness may appear later and long finish. Light pepper with some splash tangy will be stay in your mouth at the end.

The best temperature

Cold. Make it as cold as possible. Avoid on the rock because it is light sake.

Food pairing

Tempura, Thai mango salad. Something little spicy. BBQ.

About the brewer

Shindo Sake, Yamagata. http://www.kurouzaemon.com/

Perfect Glass

Pinot Noir or Burgundy sake glass is perfect. Cold sake glass is acceptable.


  • IWC Honjozo Trophy Award