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Tyku Coconut Nigori
Information detail
Kind of sake Nigori
Prefecture Nara
Region Nara
Rice Akebono Rice
Rice Polishing 30%
Alcohol 12.00%
Yeast Farmed 901
Water Pristine iron free
SMV -1.7
Amino Acid 1.0
Acidity 1.8
Price Moderate Expensive
Market size 330ml, 750ml

The bottle is excellent shape, unique. We know that Nigori always taste with coconut hint, but this nigori has bold coconut taste because of infusing process. Fruity sake lover or sweet cocktail lover may like this sake.


Mellow perfumed of vanilla. Silky texture. Medium sweet taste of coconut, again with vanilla hint. Very simple. Creamy, medium richness. The richness of this sake is lighter than other nigori sake. Very short finish.

The best temperature

Cold. Not freezing. Chilled also good.

Food pairing

Fried chicken. Kimchi. Spicy BBQ.

About the brewer

Tyku Sake. http://www.trytyku.com

Perfect Glass

Cold glass sake is good enough.