Tatenokawa 50

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Tatenokawa 50
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Ginjo
Prefecture Yamagata
Rice Dewasansan
Rice Polishing 50%
Alcohol 16.50%
Yeast Yamagata KA unit
SMV +2
Amino Acid 1.0
Acidity 1.5
Price Expensive
Market size 720ml, 1.8L

Just to know, the toji master is just 33 years old by 2011. However, he did interesting work in his few sake series. This sake might harder to find.


Very aromatic. Fruity on the side, notes melon. Very smooth and balance. Shorter finish and clean taste. Refreshing at the end.

The best temperature

Chilled required. 15C is the perfect temperature. Cold or room temperature are acceptable. But warm is not recommended.

Food pairing

Grilled chicken. Chicken wing, but not buffalo wing. Grilled yellowtail neck. Cold soba, but not heavy soba soup.

About the brewer

Tatenokawa, Yamagata http://www.tatenokawa.jp/

Perfect Glass

Pinot Noir or Burgundy glass is perfect. Regular wine glass is also acceptable, but avoid cold sake glass because the aroma is enjoyable.