Shirakawago Sasanigori

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Shirakawago Sasanigori
Information detail
Kind of sake Nigori (unfiltered)
Prefecture Gifu
Rice Hida Homare
Rice Polishing 60%
Alcohol 16.00%
SMV -20
Price Moderate Expensive
Market size 300ml, 720ml

Meaning: Bamboo Leaf

Very popular Nigori sake. Can be served in cold or on the rock. Ginjo. It might be one of the best nigori sake. Easy to find.


Nose of floral with sweet biscuit smell. Texture of rice. Creamy with light bodied to medium. Rice forward. Mellow and smooth Vanilla and coconut creamy hint. Some people may taste a pineapple hint and finally they agree that this sake has similarity with pina-colada taste; combination coconut and pineapple hint. Short sweeter finish. Short words; if you like coconut drink, you may like this. If you don't, you may said "just ok" with this.

The best temperature

Cold. Not freezing. Or on the rock. Hot or warm are not recommended for this sake.

Food pairing

Some little heavy sushi such mackerel, toro, yellowtail. Burger, pizza, little saucy pasta.

About the brewer

Miwa Shuzo Sake

Perfect Glass

Clear sake glass or rock glass if you prefer to drink on the rock. Do not forget to shake before you pour it.


Awarded Silver in the Wine and Spirits Wholesaler's of America 68th Annual Convention & Exposition Wine Tasting Competition.


If you can't finish it, prefer to buy the small size (300ml) for one or two people. If you are on the big party or you feel in love with this sake, buying bigger size (720ml) is absolutely your choice. The sake will change the taste after opening more than a day, even though you keep it in refrigerator.[[Category:-20]