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Information detail
Kind of sake Nigori - unfiltered
Alcohol 12.5%
Yeast unknown
SMV -11
Acidity 1.6
Price Moderate
Market size 300ml, 720ml

Meaning:Little lily

It is bottled on Soft-pretty pink bottle. Cute, girly, feminime are the words appeared if you see this bottle. "Japan's Grace". This unfiltered sake might be ladies favorite, but no doubt that men also love it. Sayuri means “a little lily” in Japanese and contains strong connotations of delicacy, innocence and chastity. Using Rokko region water, this sake proclaimed that Rokko good water involved in creating complex texture on the sake. However, you may decide how it's mean really involve in the taste of the sake?


Smooth and the sweetness is dominated in this unfiltered sake. Refreshing at the beginning and smooth after taste. Light taste, but full body, smooth but some thickness coarse of rice may bother little bit. This because of the coarse filtering system on this sake. Mild flavor of rice and the lightness may keep you on drinking so much. There is light aftertaste, but it won't stay long. Some people notice touch of honey, tropical fruit, melon, watermelon or honeydew note.

The best temperature

Very cold. It is good also with ice (on the rock). But very cold sake without ice is preferable because this unfiltered sake has light taste.

Food pairing

Medium spicy food, kimchi, spicy tartar. Some saucy food; yakitori, rock shrimp.

About the brewer

Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Corp.

Perfect Glass

Clear sake glass or rock glass if you prefer to drink on the rock. Do not forget to shake before you pour it.


If you can't finish it, prefer to buy the small size (300ml) for one or two people. If you are on the big party or you feel in love with this sake, buying bigger size (720ml) is absolutely your choice. The sake will change the taste after opening more than a day, even though you keep it in refrigerator.[[Category:-11]