Sake martini

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Sake Martini
Information detail
Name Sake Martini
Born unknown
Easy/hard to make very easy

Stories behind

Invited in Japan, no. Perhaps it was born in New York, USA around 1940-1950. When Japanese restaurant love to serve martini in Japanese style, put sake instead gin or vodka.


  • Ice cubes
  • 2 ounce sake
  • 2 ounce vodka

How to make

Full the shaker with ice cube. Put all ingredients together and shake hard. Pour on martini glass. Simple.


Pickels ginger or cucumber. The original used olive oil, but it is too strong flavor.

Tips and comment

  • Avoid replacing vodka with gin. Sake won't work together with gin. Avoid strong flavor vodka too.
  • Using extra dry sake might be a great idea. But regular sake is good enough. If you need to create sake taste, reduce the vodka and add more sake (of course).
  • If you are using regular sake. Put dry vermouth maybe good idea.


Upgraded to

  • Ginger saketini
  • Any saketini