Sakaya NYC

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Sakaya NYC
Information detail
Name Sakaya
Address 324 East 9th Street
New York, NY 10003
Telp 212-505-7253
Price Moderate

What you expect

Small store with simple wood decor, plenty single bottle sake, less crowded. Limited helper, so be prepare that you know the sake what you looking for. If you come in off-peak hour, the owner will be helpful.


Extremely wide, as the website. More than 100 - for sure. From the cheap one to the unbelievable price. They sell online too.


A couple, Rick Smith and Hiroko Furukawa. They will be on the store also and they will help you to choose what sake you like (if they are not busy, of course).


Classic and simple.


Visit their website before go, check with this website. Write down what kind the sake you prefer, price range, and go there in off-peak hour (before evening). Chit-chat with the owner so you get the best sake.


Monday - Saturday : 12pm - 8pm Sunday : 12pm - 7pm