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Sakagura NYC
Information detail
Name Sakagura
Address 211 East 43rd Street, B1F
New York, NY 10017
Telp 212-953-7253
Price Very Expensive

What you expect

Amazing hundreds list, not detail written, but good enough. Experience server but not so well explanation (language problem). But some servers did very well. Dark, romantic place. Small tapas dishes. Good for serious sake lover.


Extremely wide. More than 200 kinds of sake by glass or bottle. Start the cheap one to the extremely expensive. Chilled, warm, room temperature and hot. Regular edition, limited edition.


Classic. Unique sake bar.


All servers are sommelier. They are Certified Sake Advisors.


Reservation is recommended. Little hard to get in and make reservation. Plenty event by Sake producer and the restaurant. Go to their website, find the sake that you may want to try, compare it with this website. Write down and order.