Ozeki Sake Pure

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Ozeki Sake Pure
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai
Prefecture Holister, USA
Region California
Rice Short Grain S-102
Rice Polishing 70%
Alcohol 13.50%
SMV +7
Acidity 1.5
Price Cheap
Market size 300ml

One of American born sake. Brewed in Holister, beach - tropical area. Not too bad, but it still need improvement.


Floral sharp citrus with spice hint. Some rich nose as you taste the sake. Clean and smooth bitter at the beginning. Splash tangy hint, continue with pepper note at finish. Pretty light finish creates very fresh opinion. Light bodied, but dry. Some creamy melon hint may noticeable.

The best temperature

Not cold, but chilled around 40F-50F. Room temperature is good, but not recommended even the producer said differently.

Food pairing

Pickels, fishy fish - mackerel. Grilled mackerel. Sharp cheddar, goat cheese. Heavy sauce pasta.

About the brewer

Ozeki, California.

Perfect Glass

Cold sake glass is good enough. Masu sake is also good.