Ozeki Hana Awaka

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Ozeki Hana Awaka
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Sparkling
Prefecture Kinki
Region Kinki (Nada), Hyogo
Rice Polishing 73%
Alcohol 7%
Water Miyamizu
SMV -60
Acidity 2.9
Price Less Expensive
Market size 250ml

Pink bottle, girly. But the sake is not too bad, refreshing sparkling, soft. Good Champagne replacement. Petit pink bottle creates this sake as individual sake or two people share sake.


Very light, refreshing, fizzy, low alcohol makes this sake easy to drink. Bursting sweetness and fruity flavor behind pleasant bubbly. Some tangy bubbles maybe tasted. Mild sweetness, but harder to figure out the taste behind because of the bubble.

The best temperature

Cold. Not freezing. Chilled also good.

Food pairing

As aperitif. Or as dessert sake with green tea mouse cake pairing, creme brulee, foundant chocolate. Some dessert which not extremely sweet. Work well with Cheddar and other strong or aged cheese. Work also with bitter chocolate.

About the brewer

Ozeki. http://www.ozekisake.com

Perfect Glass

Champagne or flute glass will be perfect.


Finish it. Do not keep any of this sake, the bubble will gone and the taste will change. You wont able to use champagne stopper to keep this sake.


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