Otokoyama Daiginjo

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Otokoyama Daiginjo
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Daiginjo
Prefecture Hokkaido
Region Hokkaido
Rice Yamada Nishiki
Rice Polishing 38%
Alcohol 16%-17%
Yeast Kyokai #9
SMV +5
Acidity 1.3
Amino Acid 0.8
Price Very Expensive
Market size 720ml

Meaning: Man's Mountain

This is the real sake - most people said about how good this sake taste. Hokkaido must very proud of this sake. Extremely pure Dai Ginjo. It is great sake for special occasion. Perfection at its finest.


Extremely complex. Floral nose with little jasmine tea hint. Fresh pink bubblegum. Other people said it nose with sweet rice, white chocolate and juicy pineapple. Smooth and extremely silky in texture at the beginning. It continues with lovely acidity floral, rainwater. Plum skin and strawberry taste may noticeable. Discover the delicate flavor of pomegranate and sweet potato too. Clean experience on the palate. Strong flavor and delicate. The harmonious aromas and a velvet smooth texture, truly exceptional taste, aroma and complex.

The best temperature

Room temperature is good, but chilled is the best.

Food pairing

Seaweed salad, cold tofu with ginger and soy sauce. Some pickels, oshinko. Avoid American, Italian, or French foods. This sake is too risky to pair with them. Some people pair this sake with sweet dessert too. Oyster or tuna are good to pair with this.

About the brewer

Otokoyama Brewery

Perfect Glass

Bordeaux red wine glass or pinot noir glass is perfect to "exploit" the aroma.


  • Monde Selection's Gold Medal Winner for 26 consecutive years.