Myouka Rangyoku

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Myouka Rangyoku
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Daiginjo
Prefecture Fukushima
Region Fukushima
Rice Private grown
Amino Acid variety
Acidity variety
Price Very Expensive
Market size 720ml

Meaning: Heavenly Flower

Hard to get, supreme, very expensive. Vintage aged sake, but not every year they have it. Today, maybe you can get 2005 series, but it sold out from the producer. 2006 is not decided yet as well 2007. The producer, Daishichi using "free run drops" without pressing - called kimoto method. You can't get wrong with this sake. Expensive, but must try before die.


Superb complex taste. Layered and balance. Amazing. But the amino acid, acidity, alcohol level are un-declared and variety on each vintage. SMV meter is also variety, but between 0 to +2. It is balance and perfect harmony sake. Understated flavor, gorgeous. Complex fragrance of melon, peach and dense. Strong powerful flavor or soft rice and extremely smooth. Long finish.

The best temperature

Chilled is the best. Room temperature is acceptable.

Food pairing

None. Even the producer said it worked with meat or sushi. We prefer to enjoy this alone.

About the brewer


Perfect Glass

Baloon glass or bordeaux glass to exploit the aroma and taste.