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Information detail
Kind of sake Daiginjo
Prefecture Yamaguchi
Region Yamaguchi
Rice Yamadanishiki
Rice Polishing 35%-40%
Alcohol 14%-15%
Yeast Yamaguchiken 9-H
SMV +3.0
Amino Acid 1.10
Acidity 1.30
Price Moderate
Market size 500 ml


Very girly. Girls will love this sake.


Very aromatic, refreshing. Hints of fruits; muscat grapes and jasmine flower. Very soft at the beginning. Smooth and soft texture. The finishing is very soft and beautiful. No doubt that the womens appreciate this sake.

The best temperature

Chilled or cold.

Food pairing

Light salad, some crispy snack. Or drink it alone. Edamame less salt. Light dessert is also a good pairing. But heavy sauce appetizer or entree are bad pairing.

About the brewer

Yamagata Honten Co., Ltd.

Perfect Glass

Cold sake glass is acceptable or Pinot Noir glass.


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