Miyosakae Tanrei

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Miyosakae Tanrei
Information detail
Kind of sake Honjozo
Prefecture Shikoku, Ehime
Region Ehime
Rice Matsuyama Mitsui
Rice Polishing 70%
Alcohol 14.5%
Yeast Kyokai 7
SMV -1.00
Amino Acid 1.30
Acidity 1.5
Price Moderate Expensive
Market size 720 ml


For sweet sake lover, you may try this. Girly pink bottle ensure that ladies love this sake so much. Easy to drink for beginning. Honjozo, but it has little fruity taste - that is the interesting part.


Lotus, white flowers fragrant. No complex things, mellow sweetness with honey hint is very easy to find out. Well balanced acidity and sweetness. Round flavor at the end. Not so long finish.

The best temperature

Chilled, room temperature or warm.

Food pairing

No preference as long it is not heavy sauce taste. Sushi and sashimi are good. Tuna steak appetizer, tuna tataki. Finger food. Avoid spicy food.

About the brewer

Seiryo Shuzo http://www.seiryosyuzo.com. Founded around 1877.

Perfect Glass

Cold sake glass or hot sake glass for warm.


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