Mio Sparkling

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Mio Sparkling sake
Information detail
Kind of sake Sparkling
Prefecture Nada
Region Nada
Alcohol 5.00%
SMV -70
Price Less Expensive
Market size 300ml

Modern sake. High bubble may replaced champagne. But, this sake is little too sweet. Fruity and refreshing. New sake under Shochikubai Shirakabegura.


Hint a lemon-lime aroma. Very fruity aroma. Splash bitterness in the first sip. Next, the bubbling with fruity and sweet taste. Lemon juice like. A little too sweet. Soft, but you won't taste the smoothness because of the bubble.

The best temperature

Cold. Not freezing. Chilled also good.

Food pairing

As aperitif, light salad. Light cheese. No fried things. Spicy carpaccio or raw beef tartar.

About the brewer

Shochikubai Shirakabegura.

Perfect Glass

Champagne glass or cold sake glass.