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Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Daiginjo
Prefecture Iwate
Region Tohoku
Rice Yamada Nishiki
Rice Polishing 40%
Alcohol 16.00%-17.00%
Yeast 9
SMV +1
Amino Acid 1.3
Acidity 0.9
Price Very Expensive
Market size 300ml, 720ml

Rare. Expensive. But it is good to try. Very complex, layered, fruity, contribute round texture. Flavorful. But it is hard to find.


Complex sake. Starting with fruity violets and strawberry nose. Layers of peach, melon and berry flavors. Redolent of mint. Ripe cantaloupe layer may noticeable. Round texture and subtle sweetness are loveable, it creates this sake be supremely elegant comment. The finish is also complex, however, it a little short.

The best temperature

Chilled to cold. Room temperature not recommended.

Food pairing

Served as aperitif or appetizer pairing. Gouda, parmesan, chedar. Avocado salad, kani salad. Pot pie. White fish sashimi. White fish carpacio with light dressing. Raw squid sashimi. White fish Escabeche.

About the brewer


Perfect Glass

Pinot Noir or Burgundy sake glass is perfect because the aroma is enjoyable.


Some sliced cucumber or strawberry are accepted.