Kotsuzumi Rojo Hana Ari

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Kotsuzumi Rojo Hana Ari
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai DaiGinjo
Prefecture Hyogo
Region Kinki
Rice Yamada Nishiki
Rice Polishing 50%
Alcohol 16.00%
Yeast Kura Yeast
SMV +1.0
Amino Acid unknown
Acidity 1.4
Price Very Expensive

Meaning:Bloom on the path

This clear sake got 92 point score by Robert Parker Jr, a wine grader. Strong, sharp and bold with elegant aroma. This sake is also called “Kotsuzumi,” or “Little Drum,” a name given to it by the famous Japanese poet Kyoshi Takahama. Made entirely from crops grown in the Tamba area, “Kotsuzumi” is sake that you can enjoy with confidence in its purity. This elegant Junmai Daiginjo sake uses 100% Yamadanishiki rice that polishes half of the kernel in order to create this heavenly taste. Great rice is one of the aspect this sake producer able to create good sake.


Elegant, a little creamy, soft and silky rich at the beginning, ended with a little savory sharp at the end. A hint of mellow pear flavor with floral aroma peach blossom. It is complex taste inside this sake. So never drink this as a shot. Who drink sake as a shot?

The best temperature

Cold. Not freezing temperature. Avoid on the rock. However, this sake also good in room temperature. But cold temperature is the best.

Food pairing

Something creamy light appetizer, creamy cheese. Salad with little creamy dressing. Light avocado salad, light Usuzukuri. No heavy appetizer please.

About the brewer

Nishiyama Brewing is located in the city of Tamba, Hyogo prefecture, amidst some of the nest natural beauty in Japan, and they make sake from rice grown in the area.

Perfect Glass

This aroma sake is so complex. Using very cold burgundy wine glass or pinot noir wine glass will improve and show the aroma of this sake more enjoyable.