Kikusui Chrysanthemum Mist

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Kikusui Chrysanthemum Mist
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Ginjo
Prefecture Niigata
Region Chubu
Rice Gohyaku Mangoku
Rice Polishing 55%
Alcohol 15%
SMV +1
Acidity 1.7
Price Moderate Expensive
Market size 300ml, 720ml, 1800ml

Meaning: Chrysanthemum Mist

Elegant hammered-glass look clear bottle may hard to find out. The aroma and the taste may be about balance. A strain especially developed for sake. This sake fermented in extended period at a low temperature. You may taste heavy character of a Junmai. Worth to try. Bad that there is no any information you find on the label.


Fresh and light note banana aroma. Fruity note. Elegant aroma with very light palate when you drink it. Extremely light, so it is very easy to drink. Just a little dry hint, no discernable flavor. Medium body and good smoothness. Short finish.

The best temperature

Whether Chilled, cold or room temperature is good. But avoid on the rock as what vendor said.

Food pairing

Something really light: edamame, salad with light dressing. Avoid fried food and heavy food. Steamed shumai. Light bread with butter or virgin olive oil.

About the brewer

Kikusui Brewery, Niigata.

Perfect Glass

Cold sake glass is good enough. Masu box also great to enjoy this sake.