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Information detail
Kind of sake Honjozo
Rice Polishing 60%
Alcohol 15%
SMV +7
Acidity 1.4
Price Cheap
Market size 300ml, 720ml, 1.5L

Tamba Toji, brewmaster is using special technique to process this sake under Ozeki brewer name. Cheap, but don't expect so much. May not recommended for sake beginner. Sake expert often like this sake, but who love classic sake may love this sake.


Classical pears nose. Super light aroma. Very dry, crisp, full bodied, and rich taste. It might be not so smooth. Light vanilla flavor and faint nuttiness with a hint of almond. Some people hard to find light kiwi, pineapple and grassy hint. Sweet overtones. Very short finish.

The best temperature

Chilled or warm. Room temperature is acceptable, but avoid hot. It will taste "over-alcohol" if you serve it hot - too agressive. 40F is the best for cold and 100F is the best for warm temperature. Some restaurants use this sake also for cocktail.

Food pairing

Something little spicy, yakitori, buffalo wing, grilled salmon. French fries. Tempura.

About the brewer

Ozeki brewer

Perfect Glass

Cold sake glass or hot sake glass are good enough. Masu sake box is also acceptable.


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