Houreki Daishichi

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Houreki Daishichi
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Daiginjo
Prefecture Fukushima
Region Fukushima
Rice Private grown
Rice Polishing 35%
Price Very Expensive
Market size 720ml

Hard to get, very expensive. The producer, Daishichi using "free run drops" without pressing - called kimoto method. People guessing, this is the "second" or "un-perfect" product from her sister, Myouka Rangyoku. If the producer can't get the perfect sake, it is named Houreki Daishichi. However, the taste is still unbelievable


Fruity aroma, layered and hard to figure out what is the aroma. Maybe melon, apple, or peach. Gentle sweet sour accent and boast an exquisite of the sake. It is close to flawless, complex, but clean flavor. Creamy perfume may appeared. Some crisp fruit and deep flavor profile. Well balanced, but rich. Long finish.

The best temperature

Chilled is the best. Room temperature is acceptable.

Food pairing

As dessert. Well pairing with chocolate, creme brulee, light taste dessert. Green tea cake, red bean cake. Good also as aperitif.

About the brewer

Daishichi. http://english.daishichi.com

Perfect Glass

Baloon glass or bordeaux glass to exploit the aroma and taste.


Twice winner gold medals in National New Sake Tasting Competition.