Hananomai Junmai Daiginjo

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Hananomai Junmai Daiginjo
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai DaiGinjo
Prefecture Fukuoka
Region Hananomai
Rice Yamada Nishiki
Rice Polishing 40%
Alcohol 16.00%-17.00%
Yeast unknown
SMV +3.0
Amino Acid unknown
Acidity 1.2
Price Less Expensive

Meaning:Dance of the Flowers

This clear sake got 92 points score. And it won World Wine Championship 2008 award as gold medal and it won again at World Wine Championship 2010 as silver medal with 89 points. This is true masterpiece sake from Hananomai.


Elegant fruity aroma, floral. Smooth dry with splash bitterness at the beginning and finish with a crisp and slight sweetness. You may find sweetness of vanilla aroma with more lactic acid including vanilla yogurt hint. Some strawberry hint may appear in the finish. Clear and easy to drink

The best temperature

Cold and straight. However, it also good for room temperature to slightly cold.

Food pairing

Light dishes as salad, little salt edamame, light cheese, Australian Cheddar, un-salted chip.

About the brewer

Perfect Glass

Either short sake glass or Pinot Noir glass is good enough to enjoy this sake. If you want to keep it cold, use short glass and drink right after the pour. Pinot Noir glass is great alternative to enjoy the aroma.