Hana Fuga

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Ozeki Hana Fuga
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Sparkling
Prefecture Kinki
Region Kinki (Nada), Hyogo
Rice Nakateshinsenbon
Rice Polishing 76%
Alcohol 7.00%
SMV +5
Price Moderate
Market size 500ml

Low alcohol sparkling sake with peach flavor. Fancy and modern sake. Good for sharing as dessert wine.


A little peach nose, more pear like. Sweetness at the beginning, a splash a bitterness and bright peach flavor will be appear after. The ending is so quick and bubbles texture a little bother to taste other layer flavor in the sake. A yeast taste at the end a little bother also even it just a hint. Sweet, soft interior, crisp.

The best temperature

Cold. Not freezing. Chilled also good.

Food pairing

As apertif or dessert wine. Dessert, as a little sour sorbet, seasonal fruit. Something little sweet dessert. But this sake won't work with very sweet dessert somehow.

About the brewer

Ozeki. http://www.ozekisake.com

Perfect Glass

Flute or champagne glass is the best. However, wine glass is good enough if you do not have it. Avoid sake glass.


The bubble will gone quickly after hours, so drink it as soon as you open. Do not shake (of course) and finish it after you open. Don't buy if you have no one to company drinking because it is available only 500ml only. Champagne stopper won't work with this bottle too.


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