Gasanryu Gokugetsu

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Gasanryu Gokugetsu
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai Daiginjo
Prefecture Yamagata
Region Yamagata
Rice Dewasansan
Rice Polishing 40%
Alcohol 16.20%
SMV +1
Amino Acid 1.2
Acidity 1.4
Price Expensive
Market size 720ml, 1.8L

Meaning: Extreme Moon

Amazing sake either for newbie or expert. But the price is moderate high. This sake received few awards.


High fragrance, fresh as the first taste. Layer of fruity will come after. Still, the floral aroma won't finish that short. Medium dry and long finish. Smooth and unique taste.

The best temperature

Cold. Not freezing. Chilled also good.

Food pairing

As aperitif alone. Tuna sashimi, or yellow tail. Light sashimi or sushi. Avoid mackerel or strong taste.

About the brewer

Shindo Brewery Co.

Perfect Glass

Pinot Noir or Burgundy wine glass is perfect. Floral perfume is amazing, so wine glass is preferable than sake glass.


  • IWC Honjozo Trophy
  • International wine challenge 2010, UK
  • US National sake Appraisal, Daiginjo A Gold