Dassai 23

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Dassai 23
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai DaiGinjo
Prefecture Yamaguchi
Rice Yamada Nishiki
Rice Polishing 23%
Alcohol 16.50%
Yeast unknown
SMV +4.0
Amino Acid 0.8
Acidity 1.4
Price Very Expensive
Market size 300ml, 720ml

Meaning:Otter Festival 23

Rice is perfectly milled to 23%, no more - no less. It might be the highest level to milled. Can't ignore that many people love this sake. Good rice and good water are the secret of this sake.


Complex, deep, clear. Old fashion taste. Fruity aroma at the beginning and refined flavor. Another fruity long ending aroma. Some sweet cucumber and green melon may be tasted as a hint. Silky smooth texture. Some people also agree that there are complex flavor as jasmine, honeydew, cedar, strawberry. Closer to full body texture. Airy finish and long elegant fruity will keep the aftertaste in the mouth much longer.

The best temperature

Room temperature to little chilly. As a producer recommended 75F-45F. Not super cold, but chilly is the perfect temperature.

Food pairing

Steamed fish, scallop. Cooked fish dishes without strong taste. Medium cheese. Fresh Oyster without strong or heavy topping. Sushi? of course, but not heavy taste sushi.

About the brewer

Asahi-Shuzo. http://www.asahishuzo.ne.jp/en/

Perfect Glass

Either short sake glass or Pinot Noir glass is good enough to enjoy this sake. Pinot Noir glass is highly recommended to enjoy the fruity aroma too.