Ban Ryu

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Ban Ryu
Information detail
Kind of sake Honjozo
Prefecture Yamagata
Region Tohoku
Alcohol 15.30%
Price Moderate
Market size 720ml

Meaning: The Thousand Ways

Hard to find sake. Surprising taste. Unique. It said that there are multiple parallel fermentations to make this sake. The fermentation proses was slow and low at 50F in six weeks. Very low carbonation.


Light aroma, fruity note aroma too. Taste of hint cherry and berry may hit at the first sip. Very soft, but crispy long finish.

The best temperature

Cold, room temperature, chilled and warm. The chilled is the best.

Food pairing

Grilled octopus. Greek seafood dish. Grilled fish with lemon or light sauce.

About the brewer

Eiko Fuji, Yamagata.

Perfect Glass

Wet Masu sake box is the best. Cold sake glass is good enough.