Asabiraki Suijin

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Asabiraki Suijin
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai
Prefecture Tohoku, Iwate
Region Iwate
Rice Rice cultivated in Iwate
Rice Polishing 70%
Alcohol 16.5%
Yeast Kyokai 701
SMV +10.00
Amino Acid 1.4
Acidity 1.5
Price Moderate
Market size 300ml, 720ml, 1.8L

Meaning: God of Water

Love the rice attack flavor, dry, this is the sake. If you don't like bold taste, avoid this.


Sharp and bold fragrance. It is just strong, powerful and bold rice taste at the beginning. Sharpness befitting in a very dry sake taste after. Long finish.

The best temperature

Chilled or warm to hot. Avoid room temperature or cold somehow.

Food pairing

Mexican food, spicy food. Spicy Buffalo wings, BBQ pork, heavy sauce steak. Spicy chicken wings.

About the brewer

Asabiraki Co. Ltd

Perfect Glass

No interesting fragrance in this sake. But good bold taste - unique, so cold sake glass for cold serving or warm sake glass for warm sake glass.


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