Arami Chicago

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Information detail
Name Arami
Address 1829 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622
Telp 312-243-1535
Price Moderate

What you expect

Modern, not so romantic. The seat is close to other, but give you space only for walk in and out. Small portion of the food, but you can doubt the taste. It is the reason they got high score either in Michellin or Zagat.


A lot, most of them are available in bottle 300 ml or 500 ml. Good selection, but it is little hard to choose. It categorized by flavor - is a little help. The flavor that they wrote may not help. But don't worry, the waiter can help you too.


Modern Japanese. Woody - wood everywhere and bricks wall. Do not expect so much about restaurant decor. But it is the reason why you can only find food picture, not restaurant decor on Yelp.