Amabuki Yamahai Junmai

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Amabuki Yamahai
Information detail
Kind of sake Junmai
Prefecture Saga
Rice Omachi
Rice Polishing 35%
Alcohol 15.5
Yeast Marigold
SMV + 4.00
Amino Acid unknown
Price Moderate
Market size 1 L

The true expression of marigold is noticeable both on the palate and on the nose of this sake. The yamahai brewing method amplifies these flavors. This sake really shines when it is served warm.


Great flowery nose. Hint of flower and rice when the first ship and great short finish. Medium dry to dry.

The best temperature

Chilled or warm only.

Food pairing

You can drink this by itself or pairing with light flavor food such as snack and edamame.

About the brewer

Amabuki Shuzo

Perfect Glass

Hot sake glass or just regular sake glass